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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good night SMS

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1. A correct decision will increase ur  Confidence..!
A wrong decision will increase ur Experience..!
Get confidence by ur experience..gud nyt

2. "Worrying does not solve tomorrow's trouble.! It takes away today's peace.! So, Don't worry for anything and Keep Ur life moving with smile"
gud ni8

3.  Never Force Urself to
have Space in Anyone's
If They Really Know UR
They''ll Surely Create a
Place for U...Gud nyt:)

4.  One thing we need to learn from life is that getting UPSET will not help. Instead getting UP to SET the things right will Help.Gd nyt:-)

5.  "Xpression of Eyes cn b read by every 1 but depresion of HEART cn b read only by best 1 "
"Care 4 every 1 but don't loose d best 1 .. . . Gud nyt:-)

6. My day may be hectic.
My schedule may be tight.
But I would never let the day end
without saying good night.
Sweet dreams...

7.  THE REAL FACT: More boys than girls are born during the day; more girls are born at night. Gud nit ;D

I love my shadow a lot!...
Bcoz atleast it was with me when I am left lonely by d one whom I actually loved a lot!...
Gud ni8....

9.  "Sometimes Our Ambitions Get Flop.
Somtimes Our Assumptions Go Wrong.
But Our Goal Is Still Waiting For Us.
Be Positive & Be Active"...
Gud eve......

10.  Small but very nice Quote:
"Sometimes ur Heart needs more time to accept what ur Mind already knows...!!
Gud nyt....:-)

"There is nothing
special in this msg except the reader":-)
   Good night!! ;-)

12.  A litle tune can mak u sing, litle hug can mak u feel beter,
Sum litle things can mak u hapy,
Hop my litle distrbanc wil mak u remembr who remembers you....!!
Gud ni8...

;*'' ''*.
_.   '*;.
*:, .;*;'leep well
;*" "*.
_.    '*;.
*:, .;*;'weet drmz
            Good night

The first Person that u tink of in the morn and the last in night,is either the cause of ur Happiness or the cause of ur Pain.. gud nite....

15.  ~Iravu kavithai ~
     Yaaraalum Thirudi Padikka Mudiyaatha Ragasiya Puthagam
So enjoy the dreams . GØØD  NIGHT . . Sweet dreams . .

16. What is easy and what is difficult?      Easy is to judge others 'mistakes'...! Difficult is to recognise our own "mistake"...gud nit..:-]

17.  When God delays His answers for your prayers dont get angry,
He is always busy in preparing the best for you...:)gut nit wit honey dreams:)

18.  A litle tune can mak u sing, litle hug can mak u feel beter,
Sum litle things can mak u hapy,
Hop my litle distrbanc wil mak u remembr who remembers you....!!
Gud nyt

19.  Short bt beautiful quote:
"Everythin hurts only If u think more.. !!"
Forget & move on,
Life has many other interesting things hidden... Sweet nit...

20.  With a SOFT pillow,  on a STRAWBERRY bed, have a BUTTER SCOTCH sleep, full of  CHOCOLATY dreams, FRUITY funs with MANGO masti, Wish U an ICECREAM Night

21.  "Yethir Paartha Anaithaium...! Yematramal Tharuvathu,  "KANAVUGAL"  Mattum Than"...   So, Sleep Well...!      .. "Gud Ni8 .... Swt drmz...!

22. Tiny star shining so bright, Its time to say Gudnite, So close ur eyes & Lamp; hold ur pillow tight, May u have d sweetest dream.

23. Cute True Fäct:
We fight, tease and scold the one whom we like the most... Interestingly we dont like others doing d same to that person...:!!
Good night...!!
24. Its night time and the whole world is
But caring hearts are awake thinking
about special ones like you.gud nt



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